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We plan seminars of FY 2015 like below.
Some handouts are available.
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Title Time and Date Note
CUDA Programming 1 June 25th
@Brief Introduction
@Programming Environments
CUDA Programming 2 July 22th
@How to use the GPGPU system of Information Processing Center
@Profiling for GPU programs (execution time measurements, etc.)
CUDA Programming 3 September 30th
@Structure of GPU Programs
How to write, compile, execute GPU programs
CUDA Programming 4 October 14th
@GPU-Accelerated Libraries part 1
@Conjugate gradient method (and Krylov subspase methods)
@Introduction to cuBLAS
@Implementation of conjugate gradient method using cuBLAS
CUDA Programming 5 October 21th
@GPU-Accelerated Libraries part 2
@Introduction to cuSPARSE
@Implementation of conjugate gradient method using cuSPARSE
@(improvement of memory efficiency)
CUDA Programming 6 October 28th
@GPU-Accelerated Libraries part 3
@Introduction to Thrust
@Implementation of conjugate gradient method using Thrust
@(improvement of interoperability)
CUDA Programming 7 November 11th
@CUDA Fortran, OpenCL
CUDA Programming 8 November 25th
@Python, PyCUDA
CUDA Programming 9 December 9th
@Jetson TK1, GPGPU Embedded Development Environment
@OpenCV for Tegra
CUDA Programming 10 January 13th
@Acceleration of CFD application using CUDA Fortran
@ELattice Boltzmann Method
@@D2Q9 model
@@Naive implementation
@@Optimizations (memory usage and data structure)

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