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Question  I want a guide for using GPGPU(how to login, available time, e.t.c.)
 GPGPU system is available for students and faculty members who have own account.
 You can get information for using GPGPU on the website of Information Processing Center.

 →Please click here for details. (Campus and Japanese Only)   

Question   I want you to pick up about GPGPU and MATLAB.


 We will pick up MATLAB, in the CUDA programming 4, on Sept. 25th.   

Question   Please take up CUDA (GPGPU algorithms) for speed up as a theme.
 We will lecture a theme of them in the seminar CUDA programming 3, 5 and 6.
 We have a copy of "Introduction to GPU Programming" in office on the 2nd floor.
 You can read it in only the information processing center. If you would like, please let us know.   

Question   I'm interested in techniques to speed up PC.
 We will focus on faster techniques of PC, in the seminar of CUDA programming 3 on July 31st and in the seminar of CUDA programming 5 on Oct. 30th.   

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